Our revolution

Our revolution

It’s time to change the way we dress, catching up with the way we want to live,
respecting the environment and workers.

Each garment is designed and produced to meet real women’s needs
and let her be at ease, beautiful and unique.


Fine Materials

We decided to use innovative materials, natural or recycled and GRS certified, to reduce our environmental impact.

We own the patent of the marble-base materials, and this allows us to closely follow the supply chain and the production process. The materials are selected from deadstock fabrics from some of the most reputable Made in Italy brands and textile producers in fashion. These fabrics are regenerated into a new life and shape, with the aim of optimizing the natural resources respecting the environment.

Tailor made services


Disposable clothing and overproduction are part of a trend toward fast fashion. Our solution to reduce garment waste is simply to create less clothing, producing our garments made to order thanks to our specialized artisans.


Every garment has a story, a cost, and an impact on people and planet. We provide a repair service on your clothes , in collaboration with local artisans of excellence.


We care

Fili Pari believes in a circular economy and in the combination of research and innovation to improve the well-being of the Earth.

We express the love for our land, enhancing the raw materials typical of the Italian Peninsula and using the products and by-products of the Italian stone industries, as a new raw material for textile.

Responsible Choice


We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we produce, optimizing all processes. The company is powered by a short supply chain in the North of Italy, in a specific area of 120 km radius.


We believe in the philosophy of reuse, using items more than once, selecting long-lasting products. Do you have a Fili Pari garment that you no longer wear?
Contact us at [email protected]


We turn waste into opportunity: recovering and reusing by-products coming from marble processing industries. Driven by a zero waste philosophy, even the surplus of fabrics coming from the cut of the clothes, are enhanced creating small accessories.

Quality without compromise

We select the finest materials and partner with skilled artisans to maintain the highest standards
of craftsmanship and promote Italian knowledge


Slow Fashion

We are committed to follow the products in every stage, from idea to garment. We are aimed to enhance the land, not only by using marble as raw material, but also choosing to work with skilled local artisans, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship.

We promote a slow and responsible fashion that encompasses an awareness and approach to fashion that considers the processes and resources required to make clothing.
Worth waiting for: we believe that waiting for a product is a new way to appreciate the important things. Fili Pari advocates for buying better-quality garments that will last longer, and values fair treatment of people, animals, and the planet along the way.

Perfect packaging doesn’t exi…


Recycled Mailer Box _ Made from recycled material and fully recyclable.


Compostable plant-based mailing bag for secure shipping


The recycled paper is printed with water-based inks


Sustainability Report

Fili Pari is a company that aims to bring innovation and sustainability into the textile and fashion industry. Our company, in addition to working to grow our business, follows multiple purposes of common benefit and operates in a responsible and transparent way, towards people and the environment.

We believe that each person must do its part to promote a change towards a more responsible fashion, that’s why, in 2021, we become a Benefit corporation. Discover the objectives we decided to follow and the values ​​that set us apart in the Sustainability Report we wrote.