The perception of marble itself shifts from cold, heavy and static to warm, light and wearable
Face masksThe Fili Pari masks reflect our zero waste philosophy and are available in classic and cup versions for men and women.

Marble and recycled nylon

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UPCYCLINGNo longer wearing that item of Fili Pari collection?
If it cannot be reused or repaired in any way, please return it to us!
ENVIRONMENTEvery day thousand of tons of marble waste are put in landfills, with high costs of disposal and the necessity to find a new alternative solution. The love for the land and nature is translated into the desire to enhance the material through sustainable development, selecting raw materials in respect of the environment. Thanks to constant research and to the increasingly advanced technology even waste marble becomes raw material, extending the life cycle of the original stone transforming it from waste to opportunity.
The final product is MARM MORE, a patented microfilm with real marble stone, that combines innovation, sustainability and quality, making the earth a better place.
Filipari & LimontaThe innovative spirit of Fili Pari meets the tradition and dedication of Limonta Spa, historical italian textile company. By means of this Open Innovation project, Fili Pari and Limonta Spa transforms an industrial waste product into a new range of textiles for fashion industry. A mode of existence, a public declaration in tune with the planet’s global requirements.


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The magic of Fili Pari hidden in the stone dust, gives body and volume to a technical and material wardrobe. Read more

13rd May 2021