Wear real marble stone.

Fili Pari, Wear real marble stone

Fili pari and Veromarmo, a patend microfilm made out marble

The outside microfilm is made of Veromarmo, a patented wearable microfilm made of marble powder. The soft base color is given by the variety of marble itself, along with a soft and rubber-like feeling to the touch due to the calcium carbonate contained in the rock.

Fili Pari, raincoat made in Italy

The inner part of our jackets is made with soft natural cotton which provides a comfortable sensation to the skin. All the inner stitches are piped and carefully made by italian manufacturers.

Fili Pari, romantic style from marble

A minimal and ironic style is expressed through simple lines and precious details. The pocket inserts are made of lurex jersey which gives the jacket a feminine touch.

Fili Pari, Wear real marble stone


Each garment is made with Veromarmo, an innovative waterproof, windproof, breathable, heat shield and flame retardant membrane.

real marble

Our selected marbles

Fili Pari, Wear real marble stone
Rosso verona marble


Rosso Verona is a typical marble of the north east of Italy, and is characterized by precious details left by the time such as fossils and ammonites, and alternating light and dark shade of red-orange color. These details are translated into a bright salmon color.

Nero-ebano marble


Nero Ebano Marble, quarried from the hills of Bergamo, is the only black marble still available in Italy. The veins tell history and elegance, visible in the Italian architecture as evidenced by the columns of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. The precious material gives to the jackets a dark grey color.

Fili Pari, Wear real marble stone

Fili Pari, Giacche in marmo
marmo Giallo Mori

Giallo Mori marble, typical of the Trentine area, is a stone used for urban furnishing and is characterized by fabulous veins of various colors and sizes. This details are translated into a beige color.

Fili Pari, Wear real marble stone
Fili Pari, Indossa il marmo

Fili Pari, made in italy raincoat
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